What Is a Backlink?

Backlinks are the outbound links that are provided by websites to other websites. They can be highlighted with an anchor text. Getting them is the process of ensuring the increase of a website's value and reputation as a reference to another website. The links you provide from high-quality sources, such as web 2.0 websites, affect your website's ranking, and when combined with other SEO efforts, it will have a positive effect on your organic traffic, accordingly, giving you a high DA.

Google's bots have more than 200 criteria on average for ranking and constantly update these criteria. We can say that backlinks are one of the essential elements in these criteria. The presence of a link to your website on different and high-quality websites indicates that this site recommends your page and can greatly help the process of your SEO campaigns. Google bots automatically detect your website when it encounters a link to the website you own on another website and positively affects your ranking.

Diversity in your links is important. Think of it as your business connections what would recommend everyone to work with you. This way, your link building and link management strategies become stronger and offer a legitimate rise for your website.

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